let go

day5. reverb10

What (or whom) did you let go of this year? Why?

1. Michael.  The first and only man to tell me he wanted to marry me… Quite sad, as it was a beautiful love story, and he is a lovely soul.  But it just didn’t work.

2. Pain of a broken heart, from another relationship prior to Michael.  (It’s amazing how all of these unfinished relationship issues really take a toll energetically. And how liberating it is to release them.)

3. The idea that I can’t do or have or be what I truly desire because I am not worthy of it.

4. The desire to be perfect. Or pretty.  Or anything I feel I should be to be better accepted, liked, or loved.

(This will likely be an ongoing list… 🙂


About Pamela Malo

Pamela Malo is a yoga instructor, registered dietitian, writer and kindness coach. She provides support for individuals who are moving into a positive and loving relationship with food, and is the creator of the Yoga and Peaceful Eating Program. Learn about Pamela and her wish at http://www.pamelamalo.com/my-wish/
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