“It’s just my heart,” I thought as I cried.  I’m not sure if I was diminishing or condoning the sadness both dripping from and enveloping me, like that overwhelming sauna room steam that makes it hard to breathe.

“No it can’t be my heart,” I reasoned becoming philosophical, “because the heart doesn’t really break, does it?  Maybe this is something close to my heart, close enough for me to mistake for the real thing. Something that feels pain and sorrow and sadness so strong it casts a shadow on the heart.  But no, this is not my heart.  For surely the heart only knows love…and this hurts like hell.”

Either way it doesn’t matter. I cry at work. I cry on the way home from work.  And I cry in my hotel, which is also my home.  I make chai tea with soy milk, break open the homemade Thanksgiving cookies mailed to me in this godforsaken town, and begin to write.


About Pamela Malo

Pamela Malo is a yoga instructor, registered dietitian, writer and kindness coach. She provides support for individuals who are moving into a positive and loving relationship with food, and is the creator of the Yoga and Peaceful Eating Program. Learn about Pamela and her wish at http://www.pamelamalo.com/my-wish/
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2 Responses to heartbreak.?

  1. I’m so sorry you are hurting right now, and I’m so glad you’ve signed up for #reverb10. Welcome, and know that there’s an entire community here.

  2. ASatyaLife says:

    Thank you Jeanne! Your comment means a lot to me, and I’m glad to have you be my first friend as I venture into this new world. I think “fairy godmother” is indeed the perfect description for you 🙂

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